Hidden TV Lift Cabinet

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This was an amazing project! Sometimes you would like to have a bigger flat screen, but the space is very limited. In this case, the space was restricted by the fireplace and the patio window. Trying to put a 60" screen into this area seemed impossible. The only solution was to create a triangular cabinet to provide enough diagonal distance to accommodate the screen. But that was not all. It was also necessary to be able to house the audio equipment and to provide an acoustic environment that would not compromise the sound quality. But it was also a requirement not to cover the large window and to also create a cabinet that was of a high class quality that would compliment the other fine furniture and additions to the home.

In order to accomplish this, it required more than just fine woodworking, but an engineering solution that involved incorporating an industrial quality lift mechanism (WhisperLift 1000) as well as a hidden area for the entertainment system components. Because the components are hidden from view, they would be blocked from the infra-red signals transmitted by the remote controls. This problem was solved by utilizing an infra-red repeater until which picks up the signals from the remotes and distributes it to the components. In order to ensure that the internal components were kept cool, the back of the cabinet is open to the air which also facilitates a better sound dispersal from the Bose sound system hidden inside.

Surround sound speaker cables were run through the baseboards to keep them out of view. Everything was set up with a remote sound sensor to adjust all of the acoustics to match the room.

But in order to make this until fitting for this client's discriminating tastes, the cabinet was made from solid oak with purple heart accents. Custom carvings of musical interments adorn the speaker grills and component drawer and a special infra-red transparent grill cloth was used to allow the music to be turned on without the television being raised. Everything was cut to fit within a 1/32" tolerance and the final result is a majestic work of art that is proudly shown off to anyone who enters the home.

As a final touch, a matching oak and purple heart box with a duplicate carving of the musical instrument motif from the front was made to hold the remote controls.