Terms and Conditions

Quotes or Estimates
Obtaining quotes are free unless in order to create a quote, I will need to travel to the client's location in order to evaluate the space, take measurements or obtain other information necessary to estimate the work. As this process can take up much of my time and entail travel expenses, a fee of $50.00 is required for this quote which will be deducted from the final bill if the client decides to hire me for the work. Creating a quote can take a considerable amount of time to estimate the current cost of materials and attempt to evaluate how much time it will take to complete the project. Some people just ask for quotes because they are curious or want to price shop around and for this reason, many in the industry are now adopting this practice of charging for quotes. This is done to ensure that the client is serious about doing the work, and not just "tire kicking". However, this fee will be credited against the final bill. If you can supply me with enough information to quote a project without me having to travel to your location, then I will generate the quote for free.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before I will begin work on any job. This is to cover the cost of the time and materials estimated for the work. Since I cannot return materials once they have been cut and considering that I take a great deal of time to select the best materials and transport them to my shop, if a client cancels a job before the work is completed, I would have to absorb the costs associated with the purchase of the required materials.

Modifications to estimate
If, after estimating a job based on the information that a client has supplied, the job is subsequently changed or requests are made that will affect the time or cost of materials, either a new estimate must be generated or an addendum to the original estimate will be created to adjust for this new information.

Final payment
Final payment is due upon completion of the work. If final payment is made by cheque, then, at my discretion, I may choose to withhold delivery of the completed project until the cheque has cleared the bank. Payment may also be made by credit card or debit by using our point of sale terminal at our location. We do not accept credit card information over the phone or via email. This terminal is used for the sale of my limited edition wood art pieces and the name on your credit card or bank statement will read "Editions by Frederick".

Established and trusted clients may be eligible for payment via company cheque after the issuance of an invoice. Payment is required within 30 days of the date of the invoice in order to maintain a good standing status. However, because of the high cost of materials, a 50% deposit is still required before work can proceed.


Because I do custom woodwork, that is projects designed for a specific and unique application, it would be impossible to sell this product to anyone else. Unlike mass produced products that can restocked and sold to other clients, the nature of the work I do does not allow this. Therefore all sales are final.

Limited Edition Wood Art
As editions are sold, the number of remaining editions available is correspondingly reduced. Therefore, subsequent editions are sold at a higher price. These are not commercial products but rare art pieces that cannot be replaced. All sales of these limited edition wood art pieces are on an "as is" basis and all sales are final.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change or revision without notice