About Frederick Potter

I have been doing woodworking for over 25 years. It was a hobby that quickly grew into a passion. While many of the projects that have been created are small, exotic wood boxes, there are also some large projects such as complete kitchen cabinets or a cool hidden 60" TV lift cabinet that consumed many hours of my time. I am not a factory and I am not a contractor. I create unique, custom crafted pieces that fill a special need. I don't want to do quick and dirty work so that I can get it out the door and move on to the next project. I take a great deal of pride in my work and that means making sure that everything fits perfectly, has solid joins and is made to last for many decades. That's why I put my signature on the back or bottom of every job I do.

I suppose I like to think of myself not as just a woodworker, but also as an artist. For years I have worked in the creative industry doing photography, graphic design, web sites and other work that was primarily a creative endeavor. I like to bring this creative flair into all of the work that I do. Many of the pieces have carved details or small embellishments that make it unique. Some pieces are, in fact, more about the art than the function. These I do just for the sheer pleasure of it and you can see some examples in the
SALE Section.

I don't have any employees. I am a one man operation. Well, one man and one woman because my wife, Oleanna, helps me a lot in the workshop and has also become pretty handy with tools herself. I don't want to become a big mass production shop. I enjoy crafting quality pieces and if I managed a big shop, it just wouldn't be fun any more.

So if you want a deck built or a home renovation done, there are lots of great people out there. But if you want something custom built to fulfill a special need, something that is done with quality and care with an artistic flair, then give me a call. We love a challenge!

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