LED Carrying Case

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Kae Shummoogum from Gasonic Instruments sells innovative LED tubes to replace the standard fluorescent ones. This results in more light while using much less energy. Usually installed in parkades or offices, Kae needed a convenient way to transport his sample tubes to demonstrate their functionality to prospective clients. The case needed to be light, contain all of the wiring and switches, and have hooks to allow him to hang the lights in the location where they would be installed. I needed to use a light wood for this purpose and so I chose pine. To be honest, I much prefer working with hardwood but for this application, it would have been too heavy. I wired the cases so that each tube (the LED and the regular fluorescent tube) could be switched on and off individually or both together so the clients could see the difference in the light output and energy consumption. The long power cord stores in the bottom of the case and the hooks on the carrying handles allow the lights to be easily hung. The bottom of the case was finished with low friction pads to protect the case when it is being transported or placed on the concrete floors of parkades.

Clients are always impressed when he pulls out his demo case and he has told me that he has noticed a distinct increase in sales since he started using them.

I was also impressed by the quality of the light that these tubes produced. So much so that I decided to replace all of the tubes in my workshop with these LED tubes. My shop is now brighter with less shadows, making my measuring and cutting tasks much easier.